RAKE WARS – The time is now!

Ready your tanks, shine your Armor, load your guns.

Pokermasti.com Presents – RAKE WARS!

Do you want to be a Soldier, a Warrior, a Gladiator or the Iron Man. Make up your mind NOW! Unleash the fighter in you and select one clan to choose your destiny. Be prepared to write the history of YOUR poker war.
The atmosphere is heating up. Everyone’s blood is boiling. The ammo is getting ready to be put in the arsenal. The black smoke is soaring to touch the sky. The war is on. There will be blood!

Rake-Wars Pokermasti

There are four strong clans

  1. The Soldier
  2. The Warrior
  3. The Gladiator
  4. The IRON MAN


Rake Wars is a month long cash table challenge. Players can choose the category they want to participate in. Only the first deposit in this challenge will attract 100% Instant Cash Bonus in Player’s account. To sustain the player can do multiple deposits, so it would be wiser to make that first deposit that will help the player challenge the rest for the entire month. Every category will have five winners.

To qualify for the top prizes and cashout of the 100% Bonus amount, the player has to play the required minimum hands in their respective categories. The Leader Board Ranking will be put up on Facebook every seven days.

Following is the Chart of the categories to choose from

Category Soldier Warrior Gladiator IRON MAN
Minimum Deposit Rs.5000 Rs.25000 Rs.50000 Rs.100000
Stakes To Play Up to 5/10 5/10 to 25/50 25/50 to 100/200 100/200 Upwards
Deposit Multiple Times Multiple Times Multiple Times Multiple Times
Bonus* 100% Instant 100% Instant 100% Instant 100% Instant
Min. Hands to be Played 3000 6000 9000 12000
1st Rs.15000 + 60% RB# Rs.30000 + 60%RB# Rs.50000 + 60%RB# iPhone 7 + Rs.50000 +60%RB#
2nd Rs.10000 + 40% RB# Rs.15000 + 40%RB# Rs.30000 + 40%RB# Rs.40000 + 40% RB#
3rd Rs.5000 + 30%RB# Rs.7000 + 30%RB# Rs.15000 + 30%RB# Rs.25000 + 30%RB#
4th Rs.3000 Rs.5000 Rs.10000 Rs.15000
5th Rs.1000 Rs.3000 Rs.5000 Rs.10000


# If the winner is under affiliate, then the winner will get affiliates REV share - winning RB%

Fight for honor, fight for glory…be YOUR PRIDE. Make your shining armor ready for every hit. Put in more so that you reap more. Yes, www.pokermasti.com gives you a 100% Instant Bonus on your first deposit under the clan you want to play. The winner gets tons of benefit with super Rake Backs.

So are you ready? Your clan is calling you. Answer the call and shout the battle cry!


Terms and conditions:

Pokermasti.com RAKE WARS Promotion Rules:

  • Rake Wars will run from the 16thSeptember 2016 to 15th October2016.
  • The RAKE WARS Leaderboard will be updated every 72 hours for Players to check their standings
  • To qualify for Top Prizes and to claim the 100% Instant Bonus the players have to finish the minimum required hands in the category they play respectively.
  • The Leaders will be notified and rewarded their prizes within ten days of the end of Rake Wars.
  • This promotion is based on rake generated by the players.
  • Players are only allowed one active account. The name on a player's Pokermasti.com account must match the name on the payment method(s) used to make the deposit or the bonus will be void.
  • The rake war players would be unable to withdraw for the 30 day period of the war.
  • Pokermasti.com 100% instant bonus given to them as a bankroll would be on their first deposit.
  • # If the winner is under affiliate, then the winner will get affiliates REV share - winning RB%