Satellite Tournaments

Satellite Tournaments are tournaments that have small buy-ins or could have freerolls or depositors’ freerollsthat give tickets to the bigger, higher buy-in GTD. Thus a satellite is designed in several “steps” of satellites to get entry into the final tournament.

A Satellite tourney at offers to give players with no or small bankrolls the ability to play in larger, higher buy-in future tournament. A player knows that top ten finishers would get a free ticket to next level in Satellite. Simply put a player will risk a small amount of money to win big in a larger, higher buy-in tournament.

For the new enthusiasts, a Satellite on is a great advantage to play in expensive tournaments for free.

The Satellite Tournaments on would run throughout the day and feature a ticket prize to top ten finishers and once the top ten are left the satellite ends. The losers could enroll in the next satellite to try and win the ticket again. Thus a Satellite tournament on offers a poker player multiple chances to enter the main event tournament at the end of the Satellite.