Heads-Up Tournaments

Shoot from the hip in our heads-up tourneys. You want a duel, gear up and enter our heads-up tourneys. Pokermasti.com offers Heads-Up tourney where players compete in a multi-round event against a series of opponents until they are eliminated and the Last Man (Woman) Standing takes home the Bounty.

As the heads-up tournament starts, if the number of participants are not in even numbers (2,4,6,8) then some players will have to wait and some would progress direct to the second level where the numbers would even out.

All participants would start with equal number of chips. Heads-up tourneys re-define your poker playing skills. You certainly cannot depend on luck in these tourneys, your read is limited too here because as soon as you eliminate an opponent, you are sitting with a new one.

The Heads-Up tourneys on pokermasti.com will help up your poker antennae as you see your emotions and gut feelings trying to get better of your playing skills.

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it’s Fun Unlimited for your ego and prestige and yes the money follows too.