Guaranteed Tournaments

Every online poker player looks for ascertained value to be added to the daily poker tournaments that he invests time in. Our guaranteed tournaments as the name suggests are the gateways for our poker players  to make huge earnings out of their utilization of skill. Hence we have redefined Guaranteed Tournaments at, you get more than what you invest. Isn’t this what we always want, volume, variety and rewards. ensures that it will bring forth the most exciting prize pools in GTD for its players, thus, a player playing a GTD here always stands to win a guaranteed sum.

VIP Players at will have a red carpet rolled out for them. The players who are on VIP Level Silver are also our VIP Players and they will have access to special guaranteed tournaments specially designed for them. It does not get bigger than this with small fields and massive prize pools. All there for you to take home! We WANT YOU TO!

The Workings.

A GTD will have a pre-decided start time and a minimum guaranteed prize pool which would, in the end, be distributed among a fixed number of in-the-money players, depending on their position, from number one downwards. Thus, the top five may be rewarded, or the top 20; that would vary from one guaranteed tournament to another.

Allow us to present an example that would help you understand how GTD tournaments work on

Let there be a GTD tournament with a prize pool of Rs 10,000. Let us say that the players need to pay Rs 100 in order to buy a seat for the tournament. This would be the buy-in amount.

Further, let say that the minimum cap will be of 10 players and a maximum of 200 players.

In the scenario that 50 players register, the contribution of the total collected buy-ins would only be Rs 5000, but the prize pool is still a guaranteed minimum of Rs 10000. In such a case, would make up the full assured prize pool. However, in the best of scenarios, if we receive the maximum number of registrations — 200 in this case — then the prize pool becomes twice the original guaranteed sum. It doesn’t take a lot of maths to figure out what a win-win situation it is for our players with a guaranteed cash prizes.

Fun Unlimited is further guaranteed by as from time to time will throw extra assured gifts in the GTD for its top three winners.
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