Derby Masti

Fun needn’t be for a little while. How about some fununlimited - all day long? is the ultimate poker fun destination for all our poker lovers. And now we a taking fun a little further, just to double your joy. Pokermasti introduces its new extravaganza, Derby Masti!

Play Derby on all day long. Let the lady luck shine on you like never before. Make the best use of your luck and chance along with your impeccable poker skills. So put your money on the table while the fat lady sings for you.

A Giveaway of Rs. 10000/- every time you hit a Quads of 5555 and have completed 100 Rake Hands.

You get a bonus of Rs.10000 from us if you hit the Quads of 5555 and finish 100 rake hands before or after hitting the Quads.

Just save the screen shot and get in touch with us.

Isn’t that super cool? So what are you waiting for?

Go sit on the Derby MastiTable now and plunge into high voltage poker action – all day long.

Good luck at the tables.

Derby Masti


Terms And Conditions:

  • Rs. 10000/- Bonus on hitting Quads of 5555 and above.
  • To claim Rs. 10000/- after hitting the Quads f 5555 and above, the player also has to finish 100 Rake Hands on the Derby Masti Table on that particular Day. ( 00.00 AM to 11.59PM)
  • Derby Masti Tables will be Omaha Tables of 25 / 50 and above Stakes Only.