Bounty Hunter

Be a Bounty Hunter with’s bounty tournaments! It combines the thrill of eliminating another player with the happiness of a cash prize win.

Generally, in tournaments, when you eliminate a player, you just get closer to the prize pool. But in a bounty tourney, you win a cash prize just for busting a player!

A percentage of the prize pool will be taken to put a bounty on the heads of players. The overall payout structure remains the same, but extra value is found as you knock out other players and receive a cash prize for every knockout.

Bounty tournaments will be available with many different prize structures. Simply check out our Tournament Listings Section to see the prize pool structure for any one of our upcoming Bounty Tournaments.

How it works

  • Specific terms which need to be fulfilled to grant this bonus on trigger
  • The player should be a depositing player.
  • Must be registered to the tournament.
  • Timing of bonus -
    Instant- as and when the player knocks the bounty he/she will be rewarded with the bonus.